Book Signing and Media Events

Silurian Security Services have many years of management experience at balancing the public's expectation of access to their favourite celebrity as well as ensuring the safety and integrity and of the celebrity. We will protect the hosting company's image and assets by working in a professional manor at all times. Security officers are well briefed in advance on safety protocols including exit routes and contingency plans. We will liaise with the management of the celebrity on the day to ensure their needs are met and that client confidentiality is protected at all times.

All of this is achieved by working in partnership with all stakeholders. Profiling of the event audience is a high priority to ensure that we can if needed implement reaction plans, but more importantly ensure that the public feel safe, valued, and enjoy the whole experience.

Security officers are SIA licensed, trained in first aid, health and safety awareness, and in identifying and dealing with vulnerable people to provide support where identified.

With our proactive approach to security, our services can be fully adaptive to meet changing needs on the day.

You can rely on us to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

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Book Signing and Media Events

Book Signing Security

  • Book signings and media events covered

  • Profiling of the event audience to ensure adaquate coverage

  • All staff trained beyond required SIA levels

  • Flexible and fully adaptive to changing needs

Our Services

  • Door StaffDoor Staff - Highly trained door supervisors to look after your venue and valued customers.
  • Site GuardsSite Guards - Professional site security and risk assessment, bespoke services available on request.
  • Loss PreventionLoss Prevention - Protect valuable assets from loss or damage with out expertise and knowledge.
  • Hotel SecurityHotel Security - Keep your customers feeling safe and secure, while keeping auditors happy.
  • Event SecurityEvent Security - Be safe in the knowledge that your event be it small or large is in good hands.
  • Book Signing SecurityBook Signing Security - No matter the location we will ensure book signings go smoothly for both the celebrity and attendees.
  • Film and TV SecurityFilm and TV Security - Working with productions teams from start to finish we can guarantee a professional and efficient service for any production location.