Site Guards

Site security and guarding has almost seemed the poor relation of the security industry for far too long, with too few assets chasing too many issues. Site security should not be one man sitting in a hut by the main gate.

Our staff will be proactive in protecting your business interests and assets, maintaining keen observation and recording skills, in addition to a professional profile and attitude, will always act as a first deterrent.

We believe that there is far too much faith being placed in high tech gadgets that are not flexible enough to react to a evolving situation, and will result in that high ticket item leaving your site never to return.

Our site guards are motivated by results, providing a robust approach to protecting a site with local knowledge and reconnaissance of any likely approach routes to your site. We will work with other agencies, the local community, and have the confidence to deal with any trespass and asset stripping.

We can tailor a package to be reactive to your changing needs, bringing in additional staff to respond to issues and to support staff already on-site. Varying times and approach of patrols to ensure the initiative is always ours.

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Site Guards

	Site Guards

  • Bespoke site security packages

  • Local knowledge and reconnaissance

  • Robust approach to site protection

  • Keen observation and recording skills

Our Services

  • Door StaffDoor Staff - Highly trained door supervisors to look after your venue and valued customers.
  • Site GuardsSite Guards - Professional site security and risk assessment, bespoke services available on request.
  • Loss PreventionLoss Prevention - Protect valuable assets from loss or damage with out expertise and knowledge.
  • Hotel SecurityHotel Security - Keep your customers feeling safe and secure, while keeping auditors happy.
  • Event SecurityEvent Security - Be safe in the knowledge that your event be it small or large is in good hands.
  • Book Signing SecurityBook Signing Security - No matter the location we will ensure book signings go smoothly for both the celebrity and attendees.
  • Film and TV SecurityFilm and TV Security - Working with productions teams from start to finish we can guarantee a professional and efficient service for any production location.