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Silurian Security Services Ltd. - Terms of Service

Herein lie the terms and conditions for this website and Silurian Security. Where the term "we" is used this is the same as "Silurian Security".

As a customer of Silurian Security you agree to all the terms detailed on this page without any exceptions. If you wish to query anything then please contact us.

Late or Non Payment for Services

We reserve the right to terminate any product or service that we provide where payment has fallen into arrears. We will always endevour to contact customers to allow any arrears to be settled. However if no resolution is forthcoming within a reasonable timeframe we reserve the right to terminate accounts and services without any further warning.

We consider a reasonable timeframe to be 14 days after payment is due.

Refunds will not be given for any partially paid for service(s) if such a situation occurs.


If at any time you are not happy with your service or you simply wish to cancel, we offer a simple and easy process to follow. Contact us through one of the normal support channels as listed on the contact page and let us know you wish to cancel your service. We will then ask you a few details to verify your identity as the account owner before any actions are taken.

Need more information or assistance?

If you have any problems with any service supplied by Silurian Security, please do not hesitate to contact us.